Softdata Archive Lab™ is One Man Brand remote size Software LAB, Headquarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Softdata Archive Lab™ perform Responsive Website Design, Graphics Design, Video tools, Social Page with Ai, Ae. & Ps. Tools include SEO that get support for grow Business, f-Commerce, e-commerce. 

Meet The Team

Rezwan Ahmed

Rezwan Ahmed. founder, an Entrepreneur, Startup software engineer and designer, vast experience on design, development software engineering as well as have completed graduated from CSE at Stamford University, Bangladesh. Beside, completed MBAi from Swinburne University, Australia.

Engineer Rezwan performed different jobs in different IT firms, BPO firm, Canadian Chamber House, Real Estate Development and School Business.

Mehedi Azam

Mehedi Azam, IT Consultant Head, Entrepreneur, software engineer as well as planning designer, expertise in real estate, industrial sector of software engineering section. He completed completed his graduation from East West University a reputed University in Bangladesh. Also, he achieved Post Graduation degree on Information System from University of Örebro, Sweden.  

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